FoxTrail is the Winter Running series based in and around the beautiful Foxlake Adventures in Dunbar, East Lothian. The five race series, set to the backdrop of East Lothian’s most iconic beaches, estuaries and coastline, will be centred primarily on the East Neuk of the county between Lochhouses and Belhaven beach, utilising what must be some of the most scenic trail routes in the country.
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Launching FoxTrail Winter Running Series 2017/18!

Welcome back to another FoxTrail Winter! After undoubtedly our best season of races last year we are excited to announce the launch of the 2017/18 FoxTrail season. This year we hope to excel your expectations even further as we add two new races to the line-up.

As a thank you to all our loyal runners we are offering early bird prices this year. The early bird rates will remain until the 1st September when the race prices will increase slightly so make sure to get in early so you don’t miss out!

Full series entry – Once again this year you can enter the full series in one go and benefit from the Full series discount – £100 for the full 6 race FoxTrail entry, and £30 for the full four race FoxTrail 5K entry.

ENTRY TO ALL FOXTRAIL RACES AND FOXTRAIL 5k RACES WILL BE LIVE BY 6PM TONIGHT 7/7/2017 – https://foxtrailscotland.co.uk/ 



Following the success of the three FoxTrail 5k races we are adding another race to the mix for all our 5k Foxes! This is not just any old race… this is the NIGHT RACE! So, clear your calendars for a frosty winters night on the 1stDecember and get ready to run with the foxes in the woods surrounding Foxlake. The 10K night race is many FoxTrail runners favourite race, so this year we’re opening it up to get all 5k runners involved too! Supported by East Lothian Council as part of Saltire Week the 10K and 5K races will both start and finish in our disco tent, with lights, music, supporters, the café and most of all warmth!! The disco tent is a great spot for spectators to come and enjoy the atmosphere of the event. We will set the 5k race off at 6pm with the 10k following with an 8pm start.  https://foxtrailscotland.co.uk/5k-races/

Take a sneak peek at what the night race offers with our short film of the action…. https://vimeo.com/193563841


Alongside the 1st December Night Time 5k and 10k we’re upping the ante to something completely new… On Saturday the 2nd December we will launch our NOCTURNAL ULTRA!

Race start will be 4pm at Foxlake, for the next six hours runners can either take part as a solo event or in relay teams of 3 people, running on a 5k loop each time you pass through the Start/ Finish tent your lap will be recorded. Whoever completes the most laps in the 6 hours will claim the title of NOCTURNAL ULTRA CHAMPION 2017/18.  This is a game of tactics, patience and sheer physical endurance. Whether running as a solo competitor or in a relay team you will be able to track your position in a life feed of the series standings as you loop through the tent.

Relay runners – it’s up to you to decide upon a game plan, be it running a lap each or an hour each, you can play to your strengths to run an exciting and challenging race. Whilst you’re not running you can relax and keep the muscles warm in our heated marquee, listen to some music, refuel and watch the competition closely on the live stream leader-board.

We look forward to seeing you all at our 2017/18 FoxTrail races! Here’s to making this year as great a success as last!
Team FoxTrail