Foxtrail Nocturnal Weekend! 30th Nov- 1st Dec.
FoxTrail is the Winter Running series based in and around the beautiful Foxlake Adventures in Dunbar, East Lothian. The five race series, set to the backdrop of East Lothian’s most iconic beaches, estuaries and coastline, will be centred primarily on the East Neuk of the county between Lochhouses and Belhaven beach, utilising what must be some of the most scenic trail routes in the country.
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Foxtrail Nocturnal Weekend! 30th Nov- 1st Dec.

Where to begin…what an epic weekend we had!

The weekend began with our 5K and 10K  races on the Friday night. Both races started with an awesome warm up with some questionable but funky dance moves. Head torches were switched to on and our wonderful Foxtrailers headed out onto the course. The rain held off for our 5K event but our 10K runners were blessed with a little bit of rain to add to the fun. We had over 300 runners across both events- it was a great sight to watch! The course is made up mostly of forest trails all around Foxlake Adventures, Dunbar. As well as the hundreds of head torches it was lit up with multi-coloured neon lighting through trees which definitely contributed to the fantastic race atmosphere.

Pictured above are some of our runners loving the rave barn half way around the 5k loop. Picture by Alfie Marsh.

The quiet of the woods and the rhythmic pounding of feet was interrupted by the “rave barn” halfway around the course which was pumping out a variety of motivational hits as well as blinding you with disco lights before you are plunged back into the dark of the woods. Our 5K runners completed one loop of this course finishing in the Foxtrail HQ marquee. Our 10K runners proceeded through the Marquee, which had some classic hits playing as well as lots of supporters and runners cheering fellow Foxtrailers on, to then head out the other side for a second loop of the course. There was plenty mud, drizzle and banging tunes to keep our ever smiling runners chirpy as they crossed the finish line.




The final event of the weekend was our Nocturnal Ultra Race. After its resounding success last year it returned for year 2 and what a cracker of an evening it was! The Nocturnal Ultra Marathon kicked off at 4pm on the eve of the 1st December and saw both teams and solo runners tackle 6 hours of continuous running over a 5k loop. (The same loop as the Friday evening events.) The aim of the game- to cover as much distance as possible over the 6 hours and the runner who ran the furthest was to be named the champion!

Our epic female relay team podium winners. Picture by Alfie Marsh.

The format of the race means that our runners pass through the checkpoint every lap and so can top up their water etc, change clothing or footwear if required. As well as a tasty stocked aid station, one of our sponsors ‘Active Root’ were on hand providing our runners with some tasty fuel. Our runners absolutely smashed this race.

Big shout out to Nicola Duncan who not only won the 10k on the Friday night but she returned on Saturday night to boss the Ultra and completed a whopping 14 laps resulting in her being crowned the solo runner winner.

We would like to say a huge congratulations to all runners in the 5k and 10k events, as ever the atmosphere was amazing thanks to the brilliant community of supportive and encouraging regular runners who attend the events, we love to see familiar faces and watch the FoxTrail community grow! We look forward to seeing you at future events.

Race Results for the Nocturnal Weekend can be found below;

5K Race

10K Race

Nocturnal race