FoxTrail 5K Sponsor- Complete Movement
FoxTrail is the Winter Running series based in and around the beautiful Foxlake Adventures in Dunbar, East Lothian. The five race series, set to the backdrop of East Lothian’s most iconic beaches, estuaries and coastline, will be centred primarily on the East Neuk of the county between Lochhouses and Belhaven beach, utilising what must be some of the most scenic trail routes in the country.
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FoxTrail 5K Sponsor- Complete Movement

I’m so excited that Complete Movement is sponsoring the Foxtrail 5k series this year. There’s a real need at this time of year for us to get away from our desks get outdoors. In my opinion, there’s no better way to do that than running, especially given the beautiful beaches and varied trails that we have around us in East Lothian.

I spent many years sitting at desks and carrying laptops as I got on and off aeroplanes before becoming a specialist pilates teacher. I’m not the best runner in the world, but running is an essential element of who I am and what keeps me mentally as much as physically healthy. So, I get really frustrated when the default answer of some therapists is to tell clients that they can’t run anymore. With our massage and specialist Pilates at Complete Movement, we work with clients to help them keep running by building greater strength and flexibility. It’s not always a quick fix, but our aim is that clients continue to get joy from running.

I can’t make the next Foxtrail 5k, but can’t wait to meet as many of you as possible at the series finale on 4th March. Please do come introduce yourself and I look forward to giving one of you the series winner award!


Maureen Evans

Owner, Complete Movement & Specialist Pilates Instructor