Foxtrail | Foxtrail
FoxTrail is the Winter Running series based in and around the beautiful Foxlake Adventures in Dunbar, East Lothian. The five race series, set to the backdrop of East Lothian’s most iconic beaches, estuaries and coastline, will be centred primarily on the East Neuk of the county between Lochhouses and Belhaven beach, utilising what must be some of the most scenic trail routes in the country.
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John Whittaker, Race Director When we run we tend to get on with it, not very many people have learned to run in the conventional sense of learning. Running seems a very natural and easy thing to do, so what do we need to learn. Watch...

John Whittaker Race Director   Consistency is the key: Here is a way to help keep our feet on the ground and our mind on the long term fitness goals: Put 2 bean jars, one full of beans the other empty, on the kitchen unit; each training session you...